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Aluminium PCB for led

Aluminium PCBs for led
As LEDs are moving further into high power LED products' markets, thermal management is changing from a challenge into a problem.
Despite the enormous is efficiency advantages of LEDs, when compared to incandescent lights, they still waste around 70 percent of the electrical energy put into them.  
Huge opportunities therefore exist for companies that can find a more cost-effective substrate solutions for high brightness LEDs.
The key characteristics required for a thermal substrate are excellent thermal conductivity and good electrical isolation. This limits the materials choice. 
Aluminum nitride (AIN) has traditionally been used in high brightness chip on board (COB) LEDs and as a submount for high power LEDs.
While aluminum nitride is thermally more than up to the job the exotic manufacturing process – requiring carbonthermal reduction of aluminum oxide or direct nitridation of aluminum, together with the extremely high temperatures involved – makes it very expensive. 
The use of aluminum itself is a very compelling option – it’s a great thermal conductor, cheap, readily available and extremely robust. 
Typically used in high power applications, aluminum PCB boards are the ultimate solution to thermal heat dissipation issues. Consisting of a thin circuit layer adhered to a thick aluminum backing by way of a thermally conductive dielectric, aluminum PCB board designs can keep high power components cool under heavy loads. Aluminum LED PCBs are often found in high power LED products and switching power supplies. 
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