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Aluminum PCB

 Aluminum PCB
Aluminum PCB, someone name it Metal PCB or MCPCB
   Aluminum PCB were lit by a layer (copper layer), thermal insulation layer and the metal substrate composition. Circuit layer requires a large current-carrying capacity, so you should use thick copper foil, thickness 35μM-280μM. 
     Thermal insulation layer PCB aluminum plate is where the core technology, which is usually filled by a special ceramic special polymer structure, thermal resistance, excellent paste properties, heat aging has the ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. CHT high performance PCB layer of thermal insulation of aluminum plate is used this technique, it has very good electrical insulation properties and thermal properties of high strength. 
   The metal substrate is an aluminum plate support member is required to have high thermal conductivity, generally are aluminum, copper can also be used (where copper can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for drilling, punching and cutting and other conventional machining. Compared with other materials, PCB materials incomparable bit. Suitable power of the original surface mount SMT process. No radiator, much smaller, excellent heat dissipation, good insulation properties and mechanical properties. 
   Process requirements are: gold, HAL, OSP antioxidant, gold, lead-free ROHS system City. Product details: Material: aluminum plate, the product features: thin insulation, thermal resistance; non-magnetic; good heat dissipation; mechanical strength high product standard thickness: 1.0 1.2 1.5 1.6 2.0 3.0mm Copper thickness: 35μM 75μM 105μM 140μM 280μM Features: high heat dissipation, shielding the battery, high mechanical strength and excellent processability. 
     Uses: LED special power hybrid IC (HIC). LED aluminum plate and devices that carry heat conduction, heat mainly by area, you can choose to get focused on the thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal plates, such as the U.S. Beggs plate. LED aluminum plate production-like than using the voltage is high, select 1MIL pressure is greater than the thickness of the insulating layer to 2000V. Aluminum plate in the LED and PCB industry, is no stranger to emphasize asked everyone to a large sheet of thermal conductivity, better thermal resistance efficacy. But what a lot of people is the thermal conductivity of aluminum plate, what is the specific definition of the thermal resistance is not very clear. The so-called thermal conductivity aluminum plate: thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal conductivity is also known as thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity.  If you want to buy pcb, contact with me,please.


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