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Introduction for LED PCB

Introduction for LED PCB
LED means light emitting diode,PCB is printed Circuit board, LED PCB is printed circuits board for light emitting diode. In order to provide LED lighting for life, LED lighting factory generally use Metal core PCB for solder the LEDs Chip to the Circuit board!
As Metal Core PCB means the base material for PCB is metal,but also have other material ,as FR4,CEM-1 or CEM-3, etc, at present, what the metal used are Aluminm, Copper alloy.
Aluminium LED PCB Construct:
1.Circuit layer
3.Aluminum substrate
Advantage of LED PCB
1.heat dissipation
2.thermal expansion
3.dimensional stability
About Price:
Price is based on the detailed requirement of LED PCB
1.PCB board thickness: 0.6 – 3.0mm, the thickness more ,the price higher
2.Thermal conductivity: 1.0 –10 W/m.k , the thermal conductivity higher,the price higher
RAYPCB as a professional oem pcb factory in China, RAYPCB made many kinds of led products. Due to LED is an emerging industry which is more and more popular,we also provide led design service,any questions and needs about LED board pls contact us freely.


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