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The application and function of LED aluminum PCB

The application and function of LED aluminum PCB
What is the LED light engine and the application and function of LED aluminum PCB
1, What is the LED light engine?
LED light engine is actually put LED power on a LED light source, aluminum pcb up into a part.However the LED power supply has two categories, one kind is switching power supply, another kind is the linear power supply.only the linear power supply is  able to make the LED light engine.
Look from the number of components, fewer, linear power supply components on LED aluminum plate does not appear crowded.
Using linear power supply light engine, its components number less than 7, this is also referred to as AC light engine products on the market at present.
2.Ten advantages of optical engine:
1 > available in a wide range of mains voltage and temperature changes still keep the same high photosynthetic efficiency
2 > can adopt different LED forward voltage of the LED chip, still keep high photosynthetic efficiency
3 > because high efficiency so you can put the constant current driver directly LED aluminum PCB, without any increase in the LED junction temperature
4 > because do not need to adopt independent power supply chassis, greatly reduces the cost, and reduced the volume
5 > because of the high efficiency, when using the same LED luminous efficiency, improve the whole lighting effect of more than 10%
6 > because of reduced 30% of the calories, increase the working life of the LED, the volume of the radiator can also be reduced
7 > because of the high efficiency, more than any other same brightness of LED lamps and lanterns is further energy saving more than 10% at least, make contributions to further energy conservation and emissions reduction.
8 > no electromagnetic interference (EMI)
9 > its brightness without blinking
10 > electronic components only six, improving the reliability.
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