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Various material of the LED PCB Board

Various material of the LED PCB Board

Under the background of the rapid development of the electronic components market, China's electronic components companies now have the comprehensive ability of competitive advantage.At present, to the popularization of application of the LED circuit board mounting, in displays, traffic lights, car lights, lighting lighting, toys, communication equipment, such as the LED application,

We learned that the LED has penetrated into the daily life.LED because of its small volume, low power consumption and long service life, high brightness, environmental protection, durable, change characteristics of beloved.According to the LED development in recent years, in the form of professional analysis LED will evolve from the following five aspects:

1) China LED manufacturers, share continue to increase.
2) LED lighting customers search for lower cost solution
3) looking for a new blue ocean special applications to boost profits
4) automotive LED output growth year by year, with growth outside lighting is the largest
5) backlight LED specifications in the direction of light weight and high color saturation evolution LED circuit board as the main parts of LED lights, will inevitably catalytic PCB batch LED the development of the circuit board, the diversity of its products, also determines the diversity of circuit board material and production.

Now the market basically has two kinds of material do LED circuit board,
One is LED aluminum pcb, additionally one is the LED glass fiber board (FR4 led pcb).

LED aluminum PCB is on the aluminum surface printing lines, then electronic components welding in the above.Take the main purpose of the aluminum substrate, it has good heat resistance, high power LED due to fever is larger, so in daily life most of the aluminum plate used in the production of LED lighting lamps and lanterns.

FR - 4 glass fiber circuit board is one of the traditional electronics circuit board,
It has good insulation, corrosion resistance, compressive strength, multilayer printed and other characteristics, widely used.
FR - 4 fiberglass circuit board is relatively mature products,Most of LED display screen is done with FR - 4 fiberglass circuit board.

The quality of LED aluminum plate products, main consideration is the thermal conductivity of the aluminum base material,
Hardness, the surface and thickness,also want to according to the calorific value of the products to choose the suitable model size.

The application of the LED will be more and more into our life,diversity of LED circuit board are more likely to appear in front of us, seize the moment to cater to shine LED market.

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