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When copying PCB board, should pay attention to what issues?

When copying PCB board, should pay attention to what issues?
There are much things need you to pay attention to when you copy led pcb board,if you don't pay attention to ,it will be disqualified.When Customers and companies do PCB copying have some matters need attention as following.
Copying led pcb board notice:
1. You should keep record for the original led pcb sample beofre copying it,this is a series of work,if the previous process working is not good, will directly affect the back of the success of a project.
2. When Clients are doing PCB baord copying, at the same time there is requirement to do Bom list for all of components.The LED PCB file element set according to standards, otherwise when making Bom list will be some error.
3. When removing the components which are on the PCB,must pay attention to the polarity, direction, etc., if you don't remember it clearly,it will go wrong when doing a LED PCB prototype.
4. Pay attention to the quantity of a good original PCB size, due to the merits of the scanner sweep out the figure has the discrepancy and physical board size, keep the pcb board pictures is the same with physical objects, otherwise the pcb board you made will couldn't install the components and the file will be also invalid.
5. The pictures which you scanned must be clear, to adjust the scanner's resolution at a higher level, convenient to enchage the pcb in every details.
The LED PCB which you need copy must be keep completely,if there is damage,may couldn't do copying or will bring some difficulty of the copying LED PCB Board,Provide the detailed requirements about the copy PCB board,whether need to do BOM list and prototype.
If it's convenient, please try to provide more information about to copy PCB board, will save the time to copy and make sure to the rate of copy pcb board success;When sending the original pcb board,the packaging must be sealed to prevent damage.
Rayming technology founded in 2005, is a company dedicated to the LED PCB prototype and mass production, etc., quality assurance, delivery on time, with sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises.
Copying pcb board is just a part of the producing process, before and after the work had a great influence on its quality, welcome friends and peers to communicate with us and contact us,also let the customers know our company have a high quality in copying pcb board.Rayming technology from the accumulation of experience and the source of innovation, is one of the reasons for the general customers trust us!


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