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Widely applied Aluminum PCB board

Widely applied Aluminum PCB board
Due to the cost into consideration,the LED PCB board be used of aluminum material is a very compelling option.
Led aluminum board thermal conductivity:
Led aluminum board and thermal conductivity aluminum board in the middle of the insulating layer (generally is PP, now has a thermal conductive adhesive, etc.).
Led aluminum PCB classification:
street light aluminum pcb, tube light aluminum pcb, wall lamp aluminum pcb, shoot the aluminum pcb, energy-saving light aluminum pcb, electrodeless lamp aluminum pcb, aluminum pcb board, ceiling aluminum pcb, wash wall lamp aluminum pcb, the ball bubble lamp aluminum pcb, tunnel light aluminum pcb, floodlight pcb board, aluminum led pcb, aluminum material pcb, wall lamp high-power aluminum pcb, small power aluminum pcb, guardrail tube aluminum pcb, neon lights aluminum pcb, corn lamp aluminum pcb, the candle light aluminum pcb, absorb dome light aluminum pcb, kitchen lamp aluminum pcb, corridor lights aluminum pcb, buried lights aluminum pcb, dared light aluminum pcb, industrial and mining lamp aluminum pcb, aluminum pcb for bridge lights, floor tile lamp aluminum pcb, stair light aluminum pcb.
LED aluminum pcb insulating layer:
LED aluminum plate insulation layer is one of the most core technology of aluminum pcb, the main adhesive, insulation and thermal conductivity of the function.
LED aluminum pcb Application:
1. Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc.  
2.Power equipment, switching regulator "DC/AC converter" SW regulator, etc.  
3.Communication electronic equipment: high frequency increase " filtering electrical" transmitting circuit.  
4.Office automation equipment, motor drives, etc.   
5.Automobile, electronic regulator "igniter" power controller, etc.  
6.Computer: CPU board "diskette drive" power supply device, etc.  
7.Power module, inverter "solid relay" rectifier bridge, etc.

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