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CEM Material PCB for LED

CEM Material PCB for LED
CEM sheet is based on fiberglass cloth-based prepreg cover with wood pulp paper-based prepreg laminated copper foil to form after curing. Its main materials are brominated epoxy resin, solvents, curing accelerator, inorganic filler, glass fiber cloth, wood pulp paper, copper foil.
Composite base copper clad is the rigid copper clad laminate whose fabric and the core material formed by different reinforcing materials. Such kind of sheet is the copper clad laminate in CEM series. CEM-1 PCB (Epoxy base paper core material and CEM-3 PCB(Epoxy glass non-woven fabric core material) is the main variety of Composite base copper clad in CEM series.
CEM-1 is usually used for single sided PCB, CEM-3 can be used for double layer PCB sometimes.
CEM-1 and CEM-3 with excellent machinability, and suitable for punching process.
CEM-1 CCL main features:
1 The main performance is better than paper - based CCL;
2 Has excellent machinability;
3Cost less than fiberglass cloth CCL.
Rayming as a professional CEM Material PCB for LED manufacturer with more than a decade of experiences, we are capable to provide CEM Material PCB for LED for all kinds of LED products, welcome contact us freely if any needs.


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