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Range of the Metal Core LED PCB Application

Range of the Metal Core LED PCB Application
In the modern society,LED Applications become more and more.
LED application produce more a large amount of heat is not usually use traditional fan cooled sufficiently.Through the conductive metal core PCB cooling is the ideal production options.
MCPCBs are most widely found in LED technologies, as they reduce the number of LEDs required to produce a specific illumination.such as:
Sopt Light
Down Light
Panel Light
Indoor Display
Indirect Lighting
Decorative Lighting
Advertising Light Box
Street safety applications (streetlights, lighting, etc.)
General lighting applications
System automotive LED applications
Power converters:  telecom, industrial, high voltage regulator, power supplies
Hybrid/electric motor control applications

Using a metal core PCB in these LED products and applications help to greatly reduce the heat emitted.
The large range of Metal Core LED PCBs RayMing offers allow you to mount almost all the LEDs on the market and they can fit in a large majority of mechanical constraints.Wecome to contact us anytime if any needs.


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