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The difference between Aluminum PCB and the printed circuit board

 The difference between Aluminum PCB and the printed circuit board
A conceptual distinction between:
Aluminum pcb with good heat dissipation function is a kind of metal base copper-clad r.p. and general single sided pcb composed of three layers structure, respectively is the circuit layer (copper foil), insulation and metal base.For high-end use, also have a design of double-sided pcb: circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum structure, insulation, circuit layer.Few applications for mulit-layer pcb, can by ordinary mulit layers pcb board with insulation layer, aluminum joint.
Circuit boards and PCB concept: the name of the circuit board are: circuit boards, PCB board, aluminum pcb board, high-frequency boards, thick copper plate, impedance boards, PCB, ultrathin circuit boards, ultrathin circuit board, printed circuit board (copper etching technology), etc.Circuit board making mini circuit, intuitive, for fixed batch production and optimization of the circuit with electrical layout plays an important role.Circuit board can be called a printed circuit board or printed circuit board, the English name for the PCB.
Bare pcb board and pcb baord assembly difference:
Bare pcb board and pcb baord assembly  is actually a thing, but the main difference is all are installed on the insulating substrate components and other related devices, bare pcb board is not installed components, and the pcb board assembly is installed components of the PCB, this is the difference between the two.
Aluminum PCB and the circuit boards, PCB difference:
LED aluminum PCB is PCB, is also the meaning of printed circuit board, just PCB material is aluminium alloy, we used the general circuit board material is glass fiber, so the aluminum plate and the difference between is mainly in the production process of the material is different, the process is not the same, but in essence can be called his CCL ( copper-clad plate ).


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